But Fifi preceded Buster and she was far from great. She hadn't gotten on first base since 1988! (Laughter) Sacre Beau! I will show you!

The entire Acme Depression commercial!
When you've got a smell so strong nothing can cover it up!

We get the bed!

That dance, it is the coolest! Come-on everybody, do the pig!

Monsieur director Plucky, someone has parked in your very private parking space.

Bless you mon petite bacon of pig! I thought no one would ask me!

Sacre Beau, can you do something with my hair?

Crepe suzette! Bugs Bunny is doing Buster's dance.

Getum Fifi! Avec plaisir!

Au revoir mon petite potato du couch!

Song from the tape Tiny Toons Sing