Love Stinks



Ooh La La!

Mon petite skunk hunk!

Hold me!

Oooh, at last I have found you mon reason for puberty.

Intelligent boys are such a tease!

Where are you my little Mensa man? He wants to fly into my heart!

You are, how you say, clear for landing! Coffee, tea our moi?

Love hurts, No?

You do not need a cage to catch me, my little transformer of love.

Will you be my, boyfriend?

I sense a fear of commitment.

I am almost finding you!

Excuse moi, sorta nerdy coyote, but have you seen le delectable boy skunk anywhere?

Le sigh! Alone again, naturalment. Le boo. Le boo hoo.

Ooh! La! La! Hold me!

Thank heaven for little boys No?