The Horror Of Slumber Party Mountain



A little jumpy aren't ya Fifi? Le yuck! A spider! Yaaahhhh! Where! Where! Gotcha!

O, U, T, H. The ouija spirits have spoken, like Fifi's secret boyfriend is Foulmouth. Non! NON! Le yuck! Le puke! Le grande barf! I refuse to date crude poultry!

(WHAP!) Ungarde loon! (WHAP! THUMP!) Eat pillow polecat!

Hey, I am on your side!

Kill the rabbit!

(Laughter) All: "Huh!" All right, I though we weren't going to scare each other anymore. Like, I didn't do it! Me neither.

Sacre pew! I have been slimed!

Is there some reason your vacinating my shoulder Fifi? oeil Jacques. Une oeil Jacques!!!

Non! I will take care of this walking hat rack! Duck and cover!

Sacre Pew!