Aroma Amore



If looks could kill, you would not be feeling so well heh?

Do not fear mon dere! Fifi La Fume is near!

Where is my little crepe skunkette?

Like, bonjour mon amore.

Oh my totally awsome beau, you are like ripe brie in my arms!

Ho! Ho! My jiggling gigiolo wants to play hide and go seek!

I am almost finding you, my little pepperoni of passion!

Hold me!

love for me is true blue.

Little boys are such children.

There are many fish in the sea, but you are the only one for me.

He takes to me hook, line and sinker.

Sorry I am late mon petite kish.

I know my love, I am all in knots too! That is why I think it is time you meet my family No?

Yoo hoo!

Where are you my little burgar du fromage? Your french fried tomato is missing you!

Excuse moi monsiour cat, but have you seen le cute boy skunk anywhere?

Alone again! Poor, poor, Fifi. No one loves you. Le boo! Le hoo! Le boo hoo hoo hoooooooo!

Oooh! Two king size crepe skunkettes!

You know what they say! Once you are thrown by the horse, you must get right back on and ride. Giddy up my little poka ponnies of love!

Today I will cry, Dakota sobbed.

Tommorrow, I'll check out the basketball team.

Le sigh, love is tres cool. No?

I know my true love is out there, somewhere.

Ooh La La!

Mon petite skunk hunk!

Beware my little giggle of croissant! Fifi, is going to cover you up!

I am, how you say, petite flumpy, No?

Time for le makeover!


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